Player packages
Free use of mask/gun set up.
Lunch items available for purchase or you can bring your own.

$40 package (Popular w/groups

 500 pb's, air, sales tax

$55 package (Most Popular)

   1000 pb's, air, sales tax

$65-70 package (Agressive player)

   2000 pb's, air, sales tax

Get out and start having Fun!
Step 1- Decide on the type of play from pull down menu above
step 2- Decide on the day you plan on playing regular paintball
Step 3- If private game or Pee Wee call for reservation
step 4- Complete your online waiver and/or group reservation (if Needed)
Step 5- Arrive for 9:30 check in ( complete your waiver by 9:00 am, Sat) 
step 6- Pay upon arrival and have a great day of fun!!
open slot
Open Slot
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